Seat Assignment Specialist

In case you weren't aware that such a thing existed before you paid for your airline tickets through OneTravel.com, I present to you the Seat Assignment Specialists of the Seat Assignment Group from the Enhanced Seating Assistance Program:

I wish I were joking.

If you opt out, your choices for seats are window, aisle, or any, even if you're traveling as a family with children.

I hope come flight time the people actually in the plane keep us all together...


wheelchairs said...

Choosing where to sit on an airplane can be confusing. Airlines differ in how much legroom is available between rows. You may already have a preference as to whether you want to sit in an aisle or window seat, near an emergency exit or in the front, back or middle of the aircraft. There are many options available and most airlines allow you to pick a seat when booking your ticket.

Kevin James Field said...

Absolutely. This is the first time I've heard of a company charging you $12 extra for the privilege, though.

According to some people I've talked to, when it gets down to a day or two before the flight, I should be able to choose a seat for free (as I'm used to) when checking in with the airline itself.